Working for progress, prosperity of Guyana

Dear Editor,
The La Nina season has been with us since November last year and at this point it would seem, undoubtedly so, that it is increasing in intensity. However, with each passing day, blames are being directed to NDCs and RDCs and I would say many are unjustified. A few did venture to blame the Government and this would seem more political than real. Fortunately, many see the current phenomena as it is, an act of God which cannot be stopped but which can be mitigated and relief given to those affected, which is a huge number indeed, since no region is spared and no community unaffected.
We have witnessed from day one that this Government had hit the ground running and that pace has accelerated over the past months. The President and his men have been to all the regions, addressing the problems faced by the people and resolving many on the spot. This is unprecedented and unique in this country and the people can immediately see that this Government does not discriminate and is indeed a Government for the people. This is quite unlike the last coalition Government which addressed their own selfish agenda and victimised communities which are deemed supporters of the PPP/C. I wrote several letters on this.
Indeed, the past months have seen a lot of progress in drainage made: countless drains, canals and trenches across the country, some of which have not been touched by the coalition have been cleaned and excavated but I would like to single out Region Six. Residents in Region Six have seen this process unfolding daily by the RDC spearheaded by the Chairman and the Vice Chairman. Mr Zamal Hussain as the new VC has indeed set a very high standard, surpassing the best so far. This official has been relentless in his drive to bring betterment to all the communities of the region. Sadly, a few malcontents are contented to criticise and condemn rather than compliment. But as usual no matter how much is done there is always a few who are not contented since they have their personal agenda and prejudices.
The Minister of Agriculture, Mr Zulfikar Mustapha has been indefatigable and showed great competence in handling and resolving all issues brought to him including those on his outreaches to all the regions. He must be lavishly congratulated by all. Again, he dispensed his services with no discrimination, as it should and ought to be. He and his team have been tireless in bringing speedy resolutions during this worst La Nina period. This Minister is taking agriculture back to the time when Guyana was the “bread basket” of the Caribbean, but this time it will be beyond.
As the rain intensified, countless measures have been put in place to alleviate the situation and the President has already decreed that help will be given to the affected areas. Pumps have been installed in all the main drainage areas but the rains keep coming and this is what needs to be understood. It takes time for water to be drained and when there is continuous rainfall it is difficult for the water level to decrease. Unfortunately, as the water level continues to rise above what is deemed normal there is bound to be issues which could not have been foreseen but which have to be addressed now and this is what is happening. The Government has been doing what is necessary with great alacrity. For instance, there will be breaches and overtopping which could not have been anticipated. These things happen all over the world even with those having the best infrastructures and drainage systems. Here we have a country which has been grossly neglected by the coalition for the past 5 years, and may I add that some who are complaining, condemning and protesting now did absolutely nothing then. Patience and prayer are required!
This Government has been working tirelessly to correct the ills of the coalition and must be supported by all. I will not go into details but suffice to say that this Government has been fulfilling all its election promises so far despite this country being hit with both the coronavirus and now the “great flood” once again (last in 2005). Did I mention the many attempts by the coalition to rig the 2020 elections? That was a pandemic in its own rights and until now the battle to cover those nefarious attempts continue in the courts. The PPP/C Government will always work for the progress and prosperity for this country and all its people. That is a guarantee!

Yours sincerely,
Haseef Yusuf