APNU/AFC Councillor dissatisfied with Anna Regina road works

Region Two Coalition Councillor Naithram (only name), has spoken about the substandard road works currently being carried out in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) and is calling on Regional Executive Officer Rupert Hopkinson, engineers and residents to monitor projects that are executed within their areas.
Speaking at the recent Regional Democratic Council (RDC) statutory meeting, Naithram said that several residents have made reports of “bad works” executed on a particular street in Anna Regina.
The AFC/RDC councillor said that he immediately visited and conducted inspections and discovered that instead of using clay and loam, the contractor had used ‘slush’ from a nearby trench.
On that note he questioned the supervision of the project. Naithram said that the ‘slush’ would eventually deteriorate and collapse the road shoulders.
Naithram therefore asked that the REO and engineering team conduct proper monitoring of the works.

AFC Councillor Naithram
AFC Councillor Naithram

During the discussion, Head of the RDC and Regional Chairman Devanand Ramdatt said that he too noticed evidence of poor quality works at the Wakapao Secondary School.
Ramdatt said he received information that the roof was leaking and that the contractor, who was reportedly blacklisted for contracts, was still given projects. In light of this, the Regional Chairman requested that the Regional Tender Board carefully review the way contractors are being awarded projects.
In addressing the issue of the “bad works” executed on a specific street, Ramdatt acknowledged that several residents have noted their concerns over the poor quality works and the substandard materials used.
The Regional Chairman called for the Bill of Quantities of projects to be distributed to RDC Councillors, the Anna Regina Town Council, residents and NDC officials. This he said would enable a better monitoring of projects in the various areas.
Responding to this issue Regional Executive Officer Rupert Hopkinson explained that while it would be expensive for the Administration to photocopy the Bill of Quantities for each project it would be done if the RDC made such a request.
Directing his attention to reports about substandard road works in Anna Regina, Hopkinson assured that a review will be done of the project specifications and requirements and that the contractor would be held liable for faulty works. He echoed the call for residents to “police” projects and to report defective works. (Indrawattie Natram)