B Division Commander meets residents of Bush Lot Village

Commander of B Division, Assistant Commissioner Paul Langevine has committed to visiting troubled areas in Berbice with an aim of finding out what is affecting residents as it relates to security.
This was told to the media during a recent outreach in Bush Lot Corentyne. On December 31, bandits killed two brothers during a Corentyne robbery; both shot at point-blank range.
Langevine headed a walk to the area which has also been plagued by several armed robberies over the past few months.
According to him, it is part of his strategy in policing the Division. The aim, the Commander said, was to try to give support to every community and assure them of their safety.

Commander Paul Langevine interacts with residents of Bush Lot

“This is a normal initiative where (we) come out into the communities and speak to people and see what is bothering them and what are their concerns. This will continue in other communities; especially those that are mostly affected by serious crime,” Langevine noted.
He further related that another aim of the outreaches is for residents to feel comfortable with Police as they forge a better relationship with the public.
On November 6, two masked men carrying handguns went into a Bush Lot village home and terrorised two women – robbing them in the process.
That very night two armed bandits also went into another house in the village and robbed the family. There was also a similar incident committed in the next village, Bush Lot Farm, hours later.
On October 14, three armed bandits broke into a building where a Chinese Restaurant is housed and beat the owner during another robbery.
There was also a report of a villager being robbed by gunmen while on the road at Bush Lot in December.