…Foreign Intervention
The Opposition went up to Washington to meet the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) – a case of mountain going to meet Mohomet, since the CBC’s Hakeem Jeffries had promised to come down to Guyana to hear their gripes!! Or, more accurately, their face-to-face pleas for the US to intervene in the affairs of our sovereign nation!! And this is the same bunch of jokers who’re still running around the place telling anyone and their uncle who’d listen to them that the PPP government was “illegally installed” by the US!! So, it’s okay for the US to intervene, once it’s to get the PNC into office – like they did with Burnham’s PNC back in 1964 – but not the PPP?? Ah…their hypocrisy knows no bounds!! You’d think by now they’d appreciate that we Guyanese have to sort out our disagreements by ourselves!!
According to some of the reports coming out of the meetings, several of the PNC African-Guyanese MPs stressed that the PPP was massively discriminating extensively against African-Guyanese. It’s not clear whether they’d repeated the “apartheid” charge they’d been flaunting locally!! Obviously, they were playing the race card – as they’ve been doing forever with whatever project the PPP unfurls – to gain the sympathy of the brothers and sisters of the CBC. However, if they’d assumed that some kinda epidermal loyalty would make the CBC members foam at the mouth at the PPP, they got a rude awakening when they were asked, “Where’s the evidence??!!”
That stopped them stone cold in their tracks!! They stammered that the big, bad PPP wasn’t releasing no data – so they didn’t have any!! Imagine that!! They didn’t realize this admission conclusively proved that when they screamed “DISCRIMINATION!!!” on cash grants, house lots, business contracts etc, they were just blowing smoke up the collective asses of the Guyanese people!! But the CBC knew, since they were old hands at this game!! What makes it an even more damning confession is that it reveals the Parliamentary Sectoral Committees they extracted by pummelling the PPP in the streets back in 2000 aren’t being used to “scrutinize” the Government’s activities – and, inter alia, get the info they want!! How lazy can you be??
One interesting titbit revealed was that the PNC Indian Reps didn’t utter a word about their constituencies’ concerns – even though those from the Africans and Amerindians did for theirs!! Are all Indian-Guyanese taken care of by the PPP? So, what will these PNC Indian MPs bring to the table?? Another part of the sideshow was the mix-up by the Police that made the AFC’s David Patterson miss the Washington meet. So, if deliberate, why was only Patto denied?
He’s more feared than, say, Norton?? The power of pissing!!

…our popularity
Back in the day, avant-garde artist Andy Warhol predicted that everyone’s gonna have 15 minutes of fame. Well, it looks like the observation also applies to countries. And right now, our old Mudland is smack in the middle of its time in the sun. Daily, as your Eyewitness opens the newspapers, he’s bombarded by this or that big one – or big-name delegation – traipsing down to our neck of the woods. The latest is Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister.
When a callow youth, however, your Eyewitness’s momma had warned that he should be careful of “fair weather” friends – those who were only friendly when he had something to give. He would like to remind the Govt of the old lady’s homily. All these “friends” are dropping by only because we’re pumping oil at a time of crisis. The moment the oil runs out – in a couple of decades – they’ll drop us like a hot roti!!
Like the man said, the fame lasts for just fifteen minutes!!

…an important birthday
Yesterday was Youman Nabi – the Prophet of Islam, Muhammed’s birthday. Once again, we’re reminded of our religious diversity and our religious toleration. Every now and then we witness uncouth eruptions; but, thankfully, they’re rare!!