China’s development trajectory can guide Guyana’s growth – PM Phillips  

…19th Chinese Medical Team arrives in Guyana to provide medical care

Prime Minister Brigadier (Retired) Mark Phillips reaffirmed Guyana’s commitment to strengthening the bilateral partnership with China while noting that the development model in several sectors can serve as a guide for Guyana’s ongoing transformation.
The Prime Minister made these remarks on Monday at Pegasus Hotel in Georgetown during a celebration of the 74th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and the 30th anniversary of the Chinese Medical Team initiative.

Prime Minister Mark Phillips and wife Mignon Bowen-Phillips, Chinese Ambassador to Guyana, Guo Haiyan, and members of the 19th Chinese Medical Team

“Guyana congratulates China on its numerous achievements and remarkable journey over the last seven decades, demonstrating the futuristic vision of Chinese leaders and the tenacity and perseverance of the Chinese people. China is now a worldwide powerhouse playing a vital role on the global stage,” Phillips said.
According to Phillips, Guyana can draw important lessons from China’s development model in infrastructure investment, industrial promotion, and support for the manufacturing sector to drive economic growth and employment creation, as well as their focus on education and attracting foreign investments.
He noted that President Dr Irfaan Ali’s recent trip to China advanced cooperation in the areas of transportation, energy, and telecommunications.
“We also look forward to collaborating on food, energy, and climate security issues that are key to global sustainable development,” Phillips said.

Prime Minister Mark Phillips

As Guyana remains consistent in its support of the One China policy, Phillips expressed hopes for China to also support Guyana’s efforts to preserve sovereignty in the face of Venezuela’s claim to two-thirds of its territory.
“The maintenance of sovereignty and territorial integrity is at the heart of a nation’s existence and development,” Phillips said.

Medical brigade
“The cooperation programme between Guyana and China is firmly established in a number of areas, including infrastructure, technology, agriculture, and education,” Phillips said.
“We are particularly appreciative of the assistance provided for developments in our health sector, especially during the pandemic. I want to especially recognise the invaluable contributions of the Chinese medical personnel,” Phillips said.
Notably, China has been providing medical assistance to Guyana for the last 30 years, through its revolving door of medical brigades.
Over this time, some 263 doctors have treated about one million local patients and performed more than 30,000 surgeries.
When Guyana Times spoke with the Head of the 19th Chinese Medical Team, Dr Chu Xuehui earlier in the month, he described the experience as unforgettable and commended the development of Guyana’s healthcare provision.
“Through the efforts of the previous teams, I think the medical system in Guyana has improved gradually. The Guyanese doctors can do lots of operations now by themselves – not just the four common operations, but they can do some complex surgeries like the resection of the stomach for colon diseases, and they can even do some laparoscopic surgeries. So, there’s been great progress,” Xuehui had stated.
In addition to conducting check-ups and surgeries on patients across the country, the medical team usually facilitates training sessions to advance the skills of Guyanese doctors and has been instrumental in advancing the medical technologies available in the country.
The 19th team arrived in Guyana on Friday and intends to add to these efforts.