Basil Williams — the AG and PNC stalwart who was conferred with silk by David Granger! — has once again confirmed that the PNC doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks of its thuggish reputation. Speaking to an audience that included top western diplomats, in a panel discussion at the Marriott, organised by AMCHAM to discuss the implications of the CCJ’s consequential orders for business in Guyana, Williams warned, “They (the PPP) are willing to go to the election with an “anyhow” list. They are ready for their properties and all these things to be subjected to those same post-election type of violence that we had in the past. I don’t want to say, ‘Well, y’all go, go to the election’, because the consequences would be dire”.
Now, this isn’t even a “thinly-veiled” threat!! What Williams is doing is announcing that if the PNC don’t get their way with H2H registration, all hell will break loose in Georgetown – “those same post-election type of violence that we had in the past.”
Now, who was it that unleashed post-election violence in the past? Between 1968 and 1992, with the PNC flagrantly rigging elections, the violence was inflicted by using the army to quell protests. Remember those two killed on the Corentyne in 1973?
In 1992, the PNC invaded the elections HQ, and that action was called off by Hoyte only when the President of the US was called!!
After the 1997 elections, the PNC protested in the streets of Georgetown, and hundreds of Indian Guyanese were beaten by their roving bands of thugs, while businesses were torched and robbed.
The 2001 elections led to even greater levels of PNC violence, as Desmond Hoyte unfurled his strategy of “slow fyaah and mo’ fyaah”, which culminated in endemic violence by the Buxton-based “Mash 5 escapees”.
While the 2006 elections might not have been accompanied with violence, that was more than made up for by the Buxton-based gang looting and shooting with abandon.
Williams’s language in his outburst at the Marriott is revealing on the reason why Indian Guyanese were beaten and businesses torched. In the first sentence, “they” refers to the PPP, who demand elections, but in sentence that follows, the “they” becomes those whose properties will be burnt and who will suffer violence.
Indian Guyanese are equated with the PPP, and must be dealt with condignly whenever the PNC don’t get their way.
The PNC in effect tied with the PPP in 2011, and then won in 2015, so there was no violence, was there? And that’s because the PPP just doesn’t have the strategic control of Georgetown through easily accumulated mobs.
And for the upcoming planned rigging? The PNC’s shock troops are waiting. All they need is the excuse!

…Guyana’s “bloody history”
The Chronic is really foaming at the mouth under the ministrations of Moses Nagamootoo as he fights desperately to remain in the PM sweepstakes. The paper wrote that Basil Williams “ties Guyana’s bloody history to PPP…with three massacres and their alleged operation of several state-sponsored death squads”!!  This is very rich, isn’t it? The PNC couldn’t get back into office after 1997, so they launched a frontal attack on the state with their proxies holed up in Buxton, and they now blame the PPP for the massacres the Buxton gangs committed?!
But according to declassified files of the US Embassy, there’s “A taped conversation between GPF Commissioner Winston Felix and opposition party PNC/R executive committee member Basil Williams (which) was anonymously and widely distributed.” In that tape, the clearly compromised Felix and Williams reveal their insider knowledge about one of the massacres – the one at Agricola.
Why doesn’t Williams advise the PNC and Granger to accept Jagdeo’s challenge to have a CoI into the massacres and the entire “troubles”??

Winston Felix continues to deny there’s some hanky-panky going on with all those Haitians coming into Guyana but no record of them leaving. He seems to think that confirming over 8000 arrived but that 1100 rather than 13 left gets him off the hook!!
ONLY 6900 missing, is that okay??