“Killer Man” nabbed for fisherman’s execution in Suriname

– another Guyanese boat captain arrested for deadly attacks

Surinamese law enforcement officers on Wednesday evening nabbed the notorious “Killerman” who was fingered in the murder of Guyanese businessman, Somnath Monohar, who was shot and killed during a drive-by shooting in March.
“Killerman” was arrested by the law enforcement agents after they received information from an informant about his whereabouts.
Based on reports received, the informant who is an enemy to “Killerman”, was shot to his chest during an attempted execution by the suspect who drove off the scene with another man in his vehicle.
After leaving the scene, they were pursued by Police ranks who were summoned and the duo was subsequently arrested. The injured Police informant is presently in a serious condition in a hospital in Paramaribo.
Only on Tuesday, it was reported that Monohar’s family who travelled to Suriname after his shooting offered US$50,000 as revenge money for his murder. Monohar was killed on March 30 while he and a colleague were standing in front of a relative’s home.
He was shot several times about the body and succumbed to his injured a few hours later.
It is believed that the slain Police rank, Premcharan Ravikan, who was found dead hours after he was allegedly kidnapped by Guyanese, might have been in possession of critical information about the shooting death of Monohar, apart from being the one who provided the gun to carry out the attack.
He was kidnapped on Saturday afternoon and his body was discovered in the wee hours of Sunday morning with five stab wounds and a gunshot injury to his abdomen. His throat was also slit.
Now with “Killerman” in custody, the Police will make every attempt to get information with respect to the recent piracy attack that has left four dead and 11 others still missing.
To date, “Crackhead” has confessed to killing at least five Guyanese fishermen and disposing their bodies in the Atlantic Ocean. Upon his arrest, he reportedly confessed to killing five fishermen in the recent attacks.
He claimed that he was following orders which were to attack the boat and “get rid” of the occupants. He remains in custody as the lawmen continue their investigations.
However, Guyana Times understands that another suspect in connection with the deadly attacks on April 28, 2018 and May 2, 2018, was arrested in Guyana. The suspect, Ron Drepaul, a 37-year-old fishing boat captain was reportedly in the company of Nakool Monohar.
Drepaul is the captain of Cristina-1 SK 1221 and was arrested following a description passed on by survivors of the robberies to the Police. He operates out of Number 43 Village foreshore on the Corentyne.
Nakool Manohar, however, was arraigned on Friday last at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts for three piracy-related offences and is expected to be charged shortly with the most recent attacks.
Meanwhile, following a recent meeting with fishermen a Police inspector reportedly stated that a lot of information is circulating but that little information is officially obtained from the fishermen themselves.
As such, he stated “We want to investigate this matter to the bottom, but we depend on you”. He could not disclose details, but the guarantee “that we are right with the research.”