M&CC has always been sympathetic to vendors

Dear Editor,

The Mayor and City Council has a determined and sustained sanitization and management plan to ensure the integrity of the public health of the city and to elevate Georgetown to the status befitting the Capital of our nation. This could not be achieved before May 11, 2015 because the council and the city were degraded by a previous administration. Prior to May 11, 2015, all efforts by the council to make Georgetown a better place were prevented from going forward. It was a very sad situation. Not things have changed and the council can now move forward to create a modern city.

However, it is clear that some people are bent on creating mischief, disorder and seem to want to encourage negative environmental and other public health habits. Notwithstanding that, we are very confident that our citizens understand what the council is attempting to achieve, including improving their profitability by ensuring that they are properly placed to do good business in the central business district of the city.

Also, it is common knowledge that, the council has always been sympathetic to the vendors. This is amply demonstrated by the numerous initiatives taken by the council to provide facilities and other related things for them to ply their trade. As recent as a few weeks ago, more than 250 vendors were relocated to other sites prepared by the council, at its own expense, to allow vendors to ply their trade. However, there must be order and excellence.

Citizens would agree that in just a few months, the results of the efforts of the Town Clerk and the council to positively reshape Georgetown are very visible. This would help in boosting the confidence of investors, promoting a clean and generally healthy environment, creating employment, and improving our economy. Ultimately it would result in a good life for all.

In another few days, the Town Clerk will present a Situational Awareness Report on the street vending issue, to Council.

The report is expected to make clear recommendations to the council on different options and approaches to address street vending in Georgetown, and to allow the Council to go forward with its plan.

Council continues to encourage all vendors and stakeholders to cooperate with the plan to lift Georgetown to a new plateau of excellence


Debra Lewis

Public Relations

Officer (ag)

Mayor and City