Over 16,000 students to sit NGSA tomorrow

More than 16,000 students across Guyana are to sit the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) on July 6 and 7, according to Chief Education Officer, Dr Marcel Hutson.

National Grade Six Assessment 2022 timetable

Speaking with Guyana Times on Monday, CEO Dr Hutson said that 16,250 Grade Six students are expected to sit the upcoming NGSA.
However, Dr Hutson noted that this number could be more. He said that there have been students in the past who would show up on the day of the examinations, this could contribute to the rise in the number of students who are expected to sit the upcoming NGSA.
The Chief Education Officer further revealed that there will be smooth sailing ahead for the sitting of the National Grade Six Assessment as there are no pending issues that would interfere with students writing their exams.
“[The] papers are secured at Police stations…so no one has access to that except for the main persons… We have our furniture and so on being set,” he said.
Dr Hutson added, “We haven’t gotten any feedback so far from any pending issue that might interfere with the exams… There is nothing at this time that I think would affect the process.”
The exams, which would normally be written in the month of April will commence on Wednesday, July 6, and conclude on Thursday, July 7.
Last year, the examination was postponed for nearly five months due to the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2021 NGSA was written in August.
Education Minister Priya Manickchand had explained that the 2022 examination will be prepared similarly to the 2021 examination, covering topics up to the Grade Five level based on the consolidated curriculum. (G2)