Patanjilee Persaud: a father of discipline and character

– Urges children to learn from the experiences of their parents

By Timothy Jaikarran

Patanjilee Persaud is a name that many will associate with the Lusignan Golf Club, but off the field he is a father who instills in his children the same level of discipline he has learned in golf over the many years.
He has been blessed with three daughters, and one thing that he has ensured is that they learn the game of golf. Golf is a sport that has been known to increase one’s mental capacity while instilling discipline and a plethora of other benefits.
In a sit down with this publication, Persaud was asked a series of questions pertaining to being a father, and how the game of golf has aided him in being a better leader, not only on the field, but off-field as well.

Persaud and his two daughters enjoying a game of golf

“As a sportsman, I have always been intrigued and interested in the game of golf. I was always involved in sports. I can say that I have taught all my children the game. I’ve tried for all of them to adopt the game, as it is a disciplined sport, it is a sport that you have to leave your ego at home. It is one that you can never be on top for too long, and you can always be vulnerable,” Persaud explained.
He related that he is extremely grateful to the LGC Executive, as, over time, he has developed that father-son relationship with them as well.
He showered the executives with praise as he recounted the many times they had assisted him, and he said it has helped him to learn that discipline which can now be trickled down to his children.

Persaud has made it his life’s goal to pass on the game of golf to his children

Persaud said that managing the home and leading the LGC is no easy feat to complete, as both need attention and care. He noted that in balancing both roles, he had to know when to play the game and when to focus on home duties.
In terms of what he has learnt as a leader and father, he said, “We go about the day-to-day activities as best we can because of the COVID situation. What I can tell persons is to be careful and respect this dilemma, as this is a serious situation the world has been dealing with, as many have lost their loved ones. To the children, I would like to say, ‘Be thankful for what you have, be thankful to your mother and father’. The experience they have in their life can guide you in the tough times in life, and even if you don’t have tough times, the lessons they learnt in life can lead you to better press on successfully”.
The LGC boss and father is definitely someone to model one’s character after, as he infuses his discipline on the course and at home, constantly practising what he preaches, and passing his knowledge on to the future generation of golfers.