Political connection in Prashad Nagar

Dear Editor,
I sincerely hope that you permit me a few lines in your letters column so I can bring to light an oppression that is affecting an entire neighbourhood in Deobirana Street, Prashad Nagar.
An individual with ties to a political party has, for years, been flouting his connections, and he used it to intimidate his neighbours and to illegally extend his home by erecting a bar over the alleyway to entertain his friends and family members, who park and occupy the bridges of everyone in close proximity.
Apart from this, during the December-January rains, the neighbours all suffered the worst flooding the area has had in years. This was as a result of the alleyway been blocked, the individual’s house is the highest, and therefore was not affected in the same manner.
Several reports have been made to the relevant authorities, including City Council, and in one instance, a resident of the street was told that man has “big connections and is untouchable”.
No one should have the right to illegally extend their property by squatting on Government lands, or to make others around them uncomfortable and suffer, yet this individual clearly acts as though he is above the law.
The neighbours are all tired and fed-up with his bullyism, and are pleading with the relevant authorities to do their duty and remove the illegal structure before the May-June rains come and cause severe flooding.

Mistreated taxpayers