Ramesh Sunich’s Trophy Stall added to new GCB list of sponsors

According to reports out of Guyana’s cricket authority on Tuesday, popular businessman Ramesh Sunich will be collaborating with the Guyana Cricket Board as efforts continue to expand cricket in Guyana.
The proprietor of ‘The Trophy Stall’ has agreed to donate the necessary trophies for all GCB-organised Inter-County tournaents, including the winner, runner-up and ‘man of the finals’ for each tournament. Sunich is renowned in Guyana’s sport fraternity for his benevolence to many sport disciplines.
Based on reports from the GCB, the increasing public confidence and goodwill generated by the reconstituted body has resulted in a new pharmacy offering to donate medical supplies for first-aid kits for the three county boards.
The name of this newest member of the GCB fraternity will be unveiled at the launch on Friday April 23, 2021 of the GCB/Dave Narine Educational Trust Fund.
The newly-elected executives of the GCB will continue to engage the corporate community as they continue to promote and develop Guyana’s cricket.
The GCB is reminding attendees that there will be strict adherence to the COVID-19 protocols.