“Rickey Scrawley” wanted for Skull City murder

As Police intensify their investigation into the murder of Dellon “Chicken” Bradford, 25, of Patentia Housing Scheme, West Bank Demerara (WBD), a wanted bulletin was issued for the arrest of the main suspect.

Wanted: Hemraj “Rickey Scrawley” Bramdeo
Wanted: Hemraj “Rickey Scrawley” Bramdeo

The Police stated that Hemraj Bramdeo, called “Rickey Scrawley”, is wanted for questioning in relation to the fatal stabbing which occurred on March 23 at Skull City, Patentia. The last known address for the 46-year-old suspect was given as Back Street, Patentia.
Following the stabbing incident, two persons were arrested and questioned for the murder, but have since been released. On the night of the fatal stabbing, the wanted man had accused the now dead man of breaking into his cousin’s home and removing cash and other items.
Initial reports stated that “Chicken” had broken into the home of Ruth Ramdoo of Lot 1 Skull City, while she was at her mother’s house.
After receiving information about her home being burglarised, Ramdoo rushed home and allegedly caught Bradford red-handed.
This led to a scuffle between Bradford and Ramdoo, during which Bradford was stabbed several times by Bramdeo. He was rushed to the West Demerara Regional Hospital but was transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he died.
However, Bradford’s relatives refuted claims made by family members of the dead man’s reputed wife.
His sister, Simone Williams, explained that Bradford and Anita, the mother of his child, had an argument after she refused to go home with him.
She was reportedly consuming alcohol with her relatives. As Bradford insisted that the woman leave with him, he was allegedly stabbed and killed.
After the stabbing incident, the now dead man was accused of being caught red-handed in a house trying to commit a felony and during a scuffle with the owner, he was stabbed.