Sisters Village Masjid partially destroyed by fire

The Sisters Village, West Bank Demerara (WBD) Masjid was this morning, partially destroyed by a fire suspected to be of electrical origin.

The losses are estimated to be in excess of $7 million.

Reyad Khan, who oversees the operations of the mosque, related that at around 08:30hrs, he was on the third floor of the building when he heard persons started to scream “fire”.

“When I came out, there was a lot of smoke emitting from the ceiling. So, we’re looking at it maybe, it was a fire that is related to electrical,” he explained.

The section of the masjid which was destroyed was an extension to the building that was only recently constructed. At the time of the fire, classes were ongoing in a separate part of the structure.

No one was injured in the blaze.

Khan related that the fire service took some 30 minutes to respond and that the firemen encountered issues with accessing water. “That was unfortunate…,” he expressed.

Investigations are ongoing.