Sports have a new lease of life in Guyana

Dear Editor,
Permit me a space in your newspapers to first congratulate the Hon Charles Ramson Jnr in appointing a diverse Sports Commission and the appointment of the battle tested sporting Tzar, Steve Ninvalle as the Director of Sports.
I believe as a citizen, irrespective of political affiliation, Gregory “Kashif Mohammad” Charles should have long been in sporting administration in this country.
Yes, I agree he is no stranger to controversy; however, he is the most successful sports administrator this country has ever produced. In offering my personal congratulations to him and the other members of the commission, I will like to see him apply the administrative skills in his new role and totally re-brand Guyana’s sporting image.
With Ninvalle as a trusted henchman, our sporting fraternity is now having what I consider, a new lease of life.
We are moving from a position of a person who was practically clueless in sports, to people who are self-starters and require little or no supervision.
I will like to see this new team put certain systems in place immediately.
The re-introduction of every possible sporting discipline from the grassroots level, since more now than ever, students are writing Physical Education at the CXC level.
Team up with the University administration for the introduction of sporting administration courses at the tertiary level, both in the faculty of Health Sciences for sports Medicine and Psychology and Social Sciences for Sports Management.
The needs to be a recapitalisation of all the neglected sports facilities countrywide, collaboration with the Police Force and the station management committees in each area and the promotion of sports to reduce the occurrence crime in the neighbourhoods.
Employ a proper media unit and publicise activities as often as possible, so the citizenry will always be informed.
Allow access to the relevant personnel by all and sundry, so you people will be au fait with the needs of each community countrywide.
Set key performance objectives for each area to ensure development at all cost.
Wherever necessary, replace any deadwood that will hinder the functioning of the organisation.
Spend money allocated for the respective disciplines and avoid any chance of returning to treasury, the youths out there need all the support at this time.
As we look ahead with optimism, the public deserves to see a proper sports programme rolled out by this team, something we can monitor, because like me, the public is aware that there is no short of talent in the arena right now.
As I say heartfelt congratulations to this team, in the same vein, I sincerely ask you to deliver, for expectation countrywide is extremely high at this time.
Please don’t disappoint Guyana.

Ronald Shepherd