The diplomats “can see clearly now” because they have “feelings”

Dear Editor,
It was reported that Leader of the Opposition (LOO), Mr. Joseph Harmon, played host on Wednesday in his office to meet with Mr. Mark Berman, the Canadian High Commissioner. Joining him was Mr. Khemraj Ramjattan, Leader of the Alliance for Change (LAF).
The delegation also consisted of other party members Amanza Walton-Dezir and Geeta Chandan-Edmond, who recently made a spectacle of herself with unladylike remarks, not befitting of honourable members of the distinguished Parliament.
Having had similar rendezvous with the United States and United Kingdom diplomats, Mr. Harmon remarked, “It is important that the High Commission understands the way we see things, and understands the way our supporters feel.” For once Mr. Harmon spoke an iota of truth, and must be commended for his sincerity.
Of course, the diplomats of all three powerful nations can see things thru the lenses of the APNU/AFC Party. The nation cannot forget being spectators in the front seat, observing the attempted rigging of the election to defraud the nation from declaring the rightful winner, and trying to prevent the APNU/AFC-mandated interlocutor, CARICOM, from confirming the legitimate election recount result.
APNU/AFC saw to it that their appointed stogies and servants desperately frustrated the smooth process of GECOM’s work by sabotaging the procedure and delaying a legal declaration by some five months. The brave diplomats were seeing with the eyes of the rogue party the clumsy misdemeanors of Mr. Bingo to contaminate and misappropriate the votes to the rightful and respectful parties. Numbers do add up, and accountability demands a mathematical balance, something which the nescient Bingo failed to appropriate.
The diplomats used the glossy eyes of the APNU/AFC Party to peruse the distressed Lowenfield making a last-minute effort to frustrate the Chair of GECOM, preventing her from concluding a long-drawn-out process and announcing the legitimate winner of the election, the PPP/C party.
Three fruitless chances to change the outcome of the election by using the art of “mumbo-jumbo” mathematics only revealed the callousness and maniacal way of thinking of villainous jokers employed in a circus. Yes, not only the Canadian, the US and the UK diplomats witnessed these events through the eyes of the APNU/AFC Party, but the live televised transaction became a window to the entire world, and the national, regional and international community, witnessed this diabolic drama, which caused quite a trauma to drain the patience of the world.
Yes sir, Canada, the US, the UK and the rest of the world do understand the way the APNU/AFC Party sees things, quite clearly and vividly. In fact, their 20/20 vision is so perfect that they had no alternative but to applaud and support the US when the United States imposed visa sanctions on all the under-miners of democracy in Guyana.
Mr. Harmon, the international community applied the lyrics of Jimmy Cliff’s song, “I can see clearly now”, to establish a firm stand not to support the APNU/AFC Party led by Mr. Granger in their corruptive election position, when they tried to deny the will of the people.
Sure, Canada is no fool, nor are the US and the UK. The diplomats have hearts, and they can empathise with the poor people of Guyana, suffering in poverty. The diplomats have a mind of their own, and they can make valuable and distinctive calls when it comes to being right and wrong, honest and dishonest, lawful and unlawful. They have brains of their own to decipher who is loyal to integrity and who is royal to collusion. They have feelings to grasp and gasp when they are being manipulated and when they are not being treated with diplomacy. They have a dignity to maintain, and not be pushed around, and when to walk because, “enough is enough.” They have feelings to understand when the supporters of any political party are being taken for a ride, and when politicians try to pull the wool over the eyes of the people.
They understand when supporters of a party are being led astray, led in the dark, led to a hole dug by their leaders; coerced, dictated, controlled, used and abused. The diplomats fully understand how supporters feel when their high and mighty leaders leave them out in the cold without a blanket and for them (the chosen few) to enjoy the “good life” only.
Oh yes, the diplomats understand how the diehards feel by being “let down” by their leaders when they tried to con their way through the back door to retain political power and financial control at the cost of the man in the street. You bet, the diplomats understand how the APNU/AFC supporters felt when Mr. Granger, Mr. Harmon, Mr. Ramjattan, Mr. Nagamootoo, Amanza and, oh yes, Geeta Chandan-Edmond subscribed to bring shame and disgrace to their nation when they didn’t know what constitutes the half of 65; that Patterson’s appointment was illegal, and the CARICOM recount result was legitimate.
The diplomats understand how ashamed those supporters felt to know that the APNU/AFC Party tried to make a fool of the entire world with their disgraceful performance, thereby becoming a laughing stock to the world.
Yes sir, Mr. Harmon, the diplomats are, after all, human beings, and they have eyes to see like you and the APNU/AFC do. The eyes of the Opposition party are not the only eyes for others to see through. The eyes of the entire world saw what was meant by “For Your Eyes Only.”
Nothing more than “Feelings” the diplomats have for the APNU/AFC supporters, because they understand how they feel and they (the diplomats) cry, sympathise and empathise with them. Regardless, the sanctions will remain, that the diplomats will see clearly to; and, yes Mr. Harmon, “nothing personal, no hard feelings.” That’s just the way business is done when you do not play fair and square. Welcome to the world of politics.

Jai Lall