The life of the match & dressing room

– Hetmyer tells of the vibes at Providence .

‘There’s no place like home,’ is a saying that many recall from the fairytale ‘The Wizard of Oz’ but for the
sensational Guyanese batsman Shimron Hetmyer, it is a testament of his love for plaing at the Providence
National Stadium.

Looking at the CPL schedule for season seven, the 22-year old left-hander has six chances to thrill his fellow Guyanese during the Amazon Warriors’ five home games and a play-off encounter. So far in the 2019 season, ‘Hetty’ as he is fondly called stood out in the Guyana Amazon Warrior’s match against the St. Kitts and Nevis Patriots with an unbeaten 70 to lead the Warriors to their second victory at home. Aside from this, Hetmyer has been brilliant in the outfield holding on to some stunning catches and saving valuable runs.
While winning on the road is equally as important, the victory is just a little bit sweeter when it is shared with his fellow Guyanese, who turn out in their thousands to support the local franchise.
“That’s why we put every single bit of our energy to make sure when we’re playing at the Guyana National Stadium that we do everything in our power to win the game just for the Guyanese fans,” Hetmyer explained.
But playing at home for Hetmyer is more than just familiar conditions and a familiar space; for the Berbice batsman, performing well at the National Stadium Providence, is something extremely special. Moreover, for the 2019 season of CPL, Hetmyer is elated about sharing those exceptional moments with his fellow countrymen. “Knowing that this year the bulk of the team is Guyanese as well so that’s also a good feeling to know that,” the 22 year old stated.
The Life of the Party
While Hetmyer is known to light up the National Stadium Providence, the 22 year old batsman is also know to ignite fireworks in the dressing room, according to his teammates. As Captain Shoaib Malik tells it, there is never a dull moment with ‘Hetty’ around.
“Having someone in your dressing room who’s constantly talking, joking and interacting with other players, you need someone who can give something to the dressing room or to the players,” Malik shared.
Meanwhile, Chris Green enjoys the same view that the fans have of the promising Berbician talent; watching him dispatch the ball to all parts of the ground.
“A lot of the guys look up to him, being how good he is. So he’s actually a leader in our group. What we saw last year, that hundred in Fort Lauderdale against Jamaica was amazing to watch and countless other times. It’s just his ability to hit the ball cleanly,” Green said.
Having been around Hetmyer for years now, fellow Guyanese Sherfane Rutherford, believes that the jokes, wise cracks and overall good vibes that Shimron brings to the team is just a part of who he is.
“It’s always good to be yourself, so I think that’s him and we accept him for what he is,” Rutherford noted.
On the other hand, Hetmyer explains that his jovial personality is more about ensuring that his teammates are in the best spirits ahead of each game.
“If you see someone that’s down you just try to pick them up as quickly as possible and just make sure that they know that the team is there for them as well,”
Whether it is cheering a player up in the dressing room or giving the Guyanese fans something to cheer about while at the crease, Shimron Hetmyer reflects on his humble beginnings at times, noting that the beauty of it all can make him emotional.
“From playing cricket in the streets to now playing international cricket, rubbing shoulders with some of the best players in the world, it’s something I sit and think about every now and again. And the more I think about it is like the warmer I feel, it gets a little bit emotional at times.”
With all that is happening for Hetmyer in Guyana’s cricket, he may soon be called ‘Mr Cricket,’ an accolade that he deserves.