Wakenaam man busted with ganja during Police operation

A Wakenaam resident was on Monday intercepted with a quantity of ganja at Good Success, Wakenaam, by a team of Police ranks who were acting on information received. Based on reports gathered, the man was riding his pedal cycle when he was stopped by the ranks, who requested to conduct a search on his person and belongings.
During the search, a silver foil wrap was found in the front right-side pocket of his pants. A close inspection revealed a transparent ziplock bag containing nine smaller ziplock bags with a quantity of cannabis.
At the time, he was carrying a black plastic bag which was also searched. The Police unearthed two bulky parcels wrapped in transparent plastic containing another set of the illegal plant.
As a result, the Police then took possession of the narcotics and arrested the young man. He was taken to the San Souci Police Station where the narcotic was weighed in his presence and amounted to 711 grams.
He remains in custody pending charges.