Whatever happened to…

We all know, don’t we, that Nagamootoo was never a fella to hide his light under any bushel? And that’s even though, sadly, whatever light he had was flickering at bestooi!! So, after your Eyewitness had seen neither hide (thick) nor hair (sparse) of him since Granger heeded that booming voice from on high (Big Mike Pompeo came by air!) and vacated State House on Aug 2, he’s been moseying around for clues on the whereabouts of the man whom Harmon had declared was “royalty”.
Your Eyewitness had wondered whether Harmon had been alluding to his biblical “Christian name” – Moses. While that Moses had no royal lineage, he did lead the Israelites from Egypt back to the Holy Land. Trouble was, he wasn’t allowed in because he hadn’t obeyed Jehovah’s edict, and so kept the poor tribes of Israel wandering in the wilderness for forty years – till he croaked.
Refusing to go along with the austere edicts of his leader Cheddi Jagan here in Guyana, Nagamootoo was also analogously not allowed into the leadership circle after the PPP returned to office after 28 years in the wilderness. Old man Cheddi might’ve been a wide-eyed idealist, but he certainly knew a conman when he saw one. He’d dealt with the biggest of them all – Burnham – for 35 years! Later, Nagamootoo went ballistic when bypassed for the PPP leadership position in favour of the young Bharrat Jagdeo.
And, of course, this bile is what led him to “tie bundle” with Granger, the new leader of the PNC, in 2015. That the latter castrated him from any substantive role in Govt bothered Nagamootoo, but the title “Prime Minister” with all those sirens and outriders kept him quiet! But how was he coping with those sirens gone? One ex-AFC acquaintance (they’re all “exes now, aren’t they, with the Dead Meat Party rotted away?!) surmised that he might be lying low. He explained that with all those PNC fellas being hauled in for land scams and such like, “Mo”, as he was referred to, is paranoid he might be next!! Guilty conscience?
The fella recounted that he’d moseyed over by Moses’s home in Liliendaal and the man just peeped surreptitiously through his blinds! But your Eyewitness thinks the answer to Nagamootoo’s disappearance is quite simple: The man just shame too bad! He shame that his life has been a failure. He shame that he cannot even return to his Berbice village of Whim. He shame that Ramjattan is cussing him out for being a weasel.
But, most of all, he shame he had to take all that “larwah” (as his old comrade, Ramotar, elegantly phrased it!) that was meted out by Granger over the last five years!!

…The Sanctimonious Gangster?
Now, we can understand Nagamootoo’s purdah – because of his shame. But what’s Granger’s excuse? He’d shown himself oblivious to sentiments like “shame” or embarrassment in his five years as President. Granger, coming from that social strata that prided themselves for their “education” – he yet blithely announced he agreed with the non-SC that 33 wasn’t the majority of 65! Ah…how low has the League of Coloured People fallen!!
But Granger spent all his adult life in the army – as an officer to boot. Shouldn’t he be leading his troops in the PNC from the front after they were routed by Bharrat Jagdeo and company? Or do generals disappear when their troops are regrouping? The problem with Granger is that, as an old man, he doesn’t THINK any longer – he just REMEMBERS.
So, when it comes to defeat in politics, he just remembers what Burnham did back in the day – which is to beg the US for help.
He’s biding for Biden!!? That’s strategy?

But, surely, we can’t close this rumination without bringing up Ramjattan? But rather than lying low, he’s been busy putting his foot in his mouth, saying most recently that rehiring sugar workers is “racist”.
Those whom the gods would destroy…