30 youths employed for $14M North Sophia community centre project

Some 30 youths are gaining meaningful employment to establish a community centre and safe space for recreation at North Sophia, Georgetown.
The community has signed a contract with the Local Government and Regional Development Ministry, amounting to approximately $14 million.
Local Government and Regional Development Minister Nigel Dharamlall explained that this is the first phase of the project. As it progresses, more resources will be allocated. He was joined by Tourism Industry and Commerce Minister, Oneidge Walrond and Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister Kwame Mc Coy.

Ministers Oneidge Walrond, Kwame McCoy and Nigel Dharamlall turning the sod with other community representatives and youths (DPI photo)

“We’re happy that we have so many young persons employed here. This project will last a few weeks and there are 30 persons employed. It’s part of Government’s commitment to greater collaboration within our communities…Here is going to be a public space that will be upgraded for residents of Sophia, and another phase which we intend to pursue will be the upgrading of the playing area,” Minister Dharamlall stated.
Minister Walrond emphasised that once completed, the facility will be owned by the community and foster unity among the residents.
“This project is going to be owned by the community. It was requested and is being done by the community. This is a true community project and this is going to be a space where [everyone] has an opportunity to work together.”
She added, “It’s going to be a safe space for the children. Already, there have been requests for the senior citizens to plant flowers when the building is set up.”
While it is a simple project, Minister Walrond shared that organised activities will materialise for children, and a space for educational lessons. Such initiatives are also planned for senior citizens within North Sophia, where they will be able to enjoy fresh air and exercise.
“It will bring tremendous benefit to the community and this is what they have requested and as Government, we have responded to this request. This is another promise being fulfilled by the Government.”
Chairman of the North Sophia Community Development Council, Uriah France informed that work has commenced on the foundation of the building.
“The building is a 30 by 30 [feet] and a 20 feet span for a shed. We’re building the building now. The fence is not in a good condition so hopefully when we’re finished with it, we can do back the fence and have a complex for the kids to utilise and have numerous activities,” France detailed. (G12)