Angus Chess Institute commences chess camp

─ Increased participation expected

The Angus Chess Institute commenced a chess camp on Monday, July 15, at the American University of Peace Studies, located at Lot 135 Sherriff and Fourth Streets Campbellville, Georgetown. It will run until August 7.
Classes at the camp are being hosted from Monday to Wednesday, and between the hours of 9am and noon.

An ongoing session at the Angus Chess Institute

The person behind this initiative is Candidate Master (CM) Ronuel Greenidge, rated 1728, who proudly represented Guyana at the 41st Chess Olympiad in Tromso, Norway during the period August 1st to 14th 2014, where he obtained his CM title.
Greenidge continues to use his platform to train players over the course of his career. Currently Chess Coach for the University of Guyana, Greenidge bagged a total of 11 medals at the University Games in Colombia during the period May 20-26, 2019.
Some of the issues that will be covered at the chess camp include how the pieces move, tactics, opening, middle game strategy and concepts, and endgame concepts.
Speaking with Guyana Times Sport and responding to being questioned on what he hopes to achieve, Greenidge said: “(I) just (want to) deliver on my promise; teach them all they need to know about chess, and make sure they understand before I move on to other topics.
“By teaching chess to many students who want to learn… our player pool will increase, and from that we (are) bound to find talent that we can mould. The classes have commenced, and are picking up slowly.
“It is something that I have wanted to do for a long time. Now that I am given the chance to use my platform to do something, there is no turning back from here.”
Greenidge said there are many aims involved in this initiative. The first aim is to provide quality training to chess players at all levels. The second aim is to identify chess talents with a desire and drive, so as to help them become titled players (CM, FM, WCM, WFM, WIM).
He declared that while he may be teaching the sport, he is still a competitive player with further aspirations.
For additional information, interested individuals are invited to contact CM Ronuel Greenidge on 630-6458 or 657-7543.