Baramita miner allegedly took own life

A 22-year-old Punter of Baramita, North West District (NWD), Region One (Barima-Waini), reportedly took his own life on Saturday last. The dead man has been identified as Kelvin Williams of Last Restore, Baramita, NWD.
Based on reports received, the man’s body was found in a camp in the area at about 17:00h.
The police stated that Williams and several of his friends were imbibing alcohol at a neighbour’s residence when he told his friends that he was finished drinking for the night. As such, he went home.
However, about an hour later, one of his friends went to the camp and called out to the man but there was no answer. Sensing that something was amiss, be entered the camp and it was then, he made the discovery.
An alarm was subsequently raised, and persons rushed to the camp.
The police at Baramita Police Station were summoned to the scene. The district Medex visited the scene and pronounced Williams dead. The body was escorted to the Port Kaituma Hospital Mortuary where it awaits a post-mortem. Investigations are ongoing.