Eagles Coach confident in U-23 squad

GABA Rainforest Water/Malta Supreme…

As the action continues at the Burnham Hard Court in the Rainforest Water/Malta Supreme/ Georgetown Amateur Basketball Association (GABA) league, the Eagles U-23 Coach Courtenay Taylor is confident that his side can become a force to reckon with while being cautious when competing.

Eagles U-23 Coach Courtenay Taylor sitting with his players during a competition

Speaking with Guyana Times Sport, the Under-23 Coach stated that the side has been playing well, but play was not up to the standard that was set for the team. He went on to explain that even though the team were playing at a high level, there are some aspects of the game that have to be corrected for the team to be at that elite level, which separates them from the rest of the competition.
In the last match-up for the Eagles, they were set to face the Kobras, even though they had won the match 68-56, it was very close, with the Eagles taking the first quarter 16-15, but losing the second quarter 13-12 as the Kobras struck their retaliatory blow.
The Eagles, however, swept the third quarter 23-6, in the process showing their superiority over the opposition. And although the Kobras again retaliated by winning the fourth quarter 22-17, their margin of deficit was 12 points.
When asked about Sherland Gillis and Shemar Huntly, who have been standing up consistently for the side, Taylor said, “they are rated very high as they are both naturally talented, with Huntly one of the most elusive guards in the league and Gillis is very athletic, that is excellent on both offence and defence. Their success comes from their natural talent combined with hard work and they are easy to coach, so it’s easy for me to put them in positions that they are very effective. They both have a good understanding for the game and allow me to guide them to be a great asset whenever on the court.”
Taylor also stated that even though Huntly and Gillis stand out, the players around them were really good also and know their roles which in turn brings the team great success.
Taylor went on to extend the invitation for youths to be proactive and become part of the sport: “I would like to encourage the youth to take part, it’s a wonderful sport, really fun and exciting.” The Eagles will face the Sonics on November 10. (Timothy Jaikarran)