GTT employees to get salary increases

The Guyana Telephone and Telegraph has on Monday announced that its employees would be getting salary increases.
In a release, the telephone company said that following the agreement to increase salaries for GTT’s union members, to ensure fairness for non-union members, it will increase the basic salaries of all employees for the year ending September 2021.

GTT’s Human Resource
Director Tiana Gurcharran

GTT’s Human Resource Director Tiana Gurcharran has said that a review of all employees’ basic salary levels, except for those of management, would be done in September, and any resultant salary increase would be paid on October 1, 2021.
“We want to positively impact the lives of our trusted employees, which is our promise to all GTT employees, and we also want to ensure that our pay levels are commensurate with market rates in Guyana,” Gurcharran is quoted as saying in the release.
She is also quoted as saying that a review of the remuneration of GTT’s senior management personnel would be done, closer to the end of the year.
On July 23, 2021, the telephone company signed an agreement with the Guyana Postal and Telecommunications Workers Union (GPTWU) that led to pay increases for GTT’s union members. The agreement led to a four percent increase of basic salaries for the year ending September 30, 2021 and a six percent increase of same for the year starting October 1, 2021. Additionally, a comprehensive review of overall remuneration of union members will commence, and be concluded by January 31, 2022.