Let there be lights!

In an effort to upgrade the leading outdoor basketball facility in Georgetown, the Burnham Basketball Court, the Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation (GABF) installed a second light at the facility on Wednesday.

The second installation follows the initial 1000-watt light that was installed in place in December 2016. A third light fixture has already been purchased and is waiting

GABF President Nigel Hinds
GABF President Nigel Hinds

modification before installation according to President of GABF Nigel Hinds.

Hinds said they (GABF) decided to install the lights for various reasons, among them, provision of opportunities for clubs and youths from the area to have access to a lighted court in the evening and to cut cost for the federation whenever events are hosted.

The President is optimistic that the installation of the lights will go a long way and it will have an impact on youths who have to attend classes and the facility will be open to all free of charge in the dark hours.

All of the 12 clubs in Georgetown are set to benefit from works being done at the facility, with the top two clubs Pacesetters and Colts set to use it on a weekly basis. Since both clubs consist of more than 50 members at least 100 players are expected to train at the facility on a weekly basis.

In total there are six poles and the GABF wants to make the court the central outdoor venue for basketball. In order to complete the installation they would need three more lights, so they are opened to assistance.

The first three lights were purchased by the GABF. Hinds said when all the lights are in the venue could host international matches once the other aspects of the facility are up to standard as well.

Subsequent to the light project, the administrators of GABF next aim would be to resurface the playing area.