No question raised about BCB’s legitimacy – Sport Minister

When Sport Minister Charles Ramson Jr visited the ancient county of Berbice this past October, he spoke about the need for the administrative issues in cricket in Guyana being resolved.
He spoke especially about those issues involving the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB), and revealed that there has been no question raised about the legitimacy of the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB).

Minister of Sport Charles Ramson Jr and BCB President Hilbert Foster (Photo: Brandon Corlette)

Current BCB President Hilbert Foster took up office in February 2018 after an 18-16 vote count, and has since transformed cricket in the ancient county, taking it to greater heights.
“We took over a cricket board that was in deep trouble, with a bank account of G$43,865,” the BCB boss has said.
Foster noted that when his administration took office, a proper BCB cricket tournament had not been played in two years, and the BCB did not have proper developmental programmes. Foster disclosed that through a simple formula of hard work, honesty and total dedication, coupled with a vision, the BCB has successfully transformed cricket in Berbice.
Foster has said that since he became president, at the helm of Berbice cricket, a total of 62 tournaments have been completed at all levels, including female cricket tournaments. Some 54 tournaments have been completed in record time under his administration.
Notably, the NBS second division tournament, previously a prolonged tournament, has been completed in record time of four to five months. A total of G$30 million was raised, while the BCB assisted more than 200 youth cricketers with cricket gear.
This experienced cricket administrator has added that clubs have received more than 10 million dollars in assistance in the form of cricket gear, score books and water pitchers, among other items. Foster has assured that more clubs would benefit once he remains in office.
Numerous coaching programmes have been hosted for cricket clubs across Berbice, while cricket academies have been hosted throughout the ancient county, and an annual cricket academy is hosted.
“We have implemented programmes for national youth cricketers with stipends, an inter-county cap system is introduced, and additional education programmes were hosted,” Foster explained.
Historically, the BCB published the first ever youth booklet to educate the young cricketers in the county. The board has also implemented a university scholarship for a young Berbice cricketer, while parents are being rewarded for their contributions.
In summary, the BCB, over the last 24 months, has been very successful, and continues to show the good works despite the global pandemic. (Brandon Corlette)