North-West teen found dead after consuming alcohol with mother

A 16-year-old girl of Baramita, North West District, Region One (Barima – Waini) was found dead behind her home on Sunday.

The Police said at around 12:00h on Saturday, November 14, the teenager and her mother went to a shop in the area where they purchased alcohol and began consuming the beverage in the company of some men. About three hours later, the mother-daughter duo became heavily intoxicated.

They purchased some rice and more alcohol and left in the company of one of their maile drinking buddies. They were reportedly heading home.

According to the shop owner, sometime later, the mother returned to the shop alone and spent some time there.

The teen’s motionless body was discovered at about 07:30h on Sunday behind their home. The Police were called in and the body was taken to the Port Kaituma Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

A post mortem examination is expected to be conducted to determine the cause of death.

Police said attempts were made to contact the man whom the victim and her mother had left the shop with but the efforts were unsuccessful.

Investigations are in progress.