The state…

…of the recount
Your Eyewitness hadn’t expected Claudette Singh to come out from behind a burning bush, or down any mountain with a couple of stone tablets with carved instructions on the recount. But heck…after doing her dance of a thousand veils for months, he thought at least she’d send some clear-cut instructions to get this recount on the road. An expectant nation had cast their eyes on her, seeing that she could cut the Carterian Knot in the Elections Commission with her casting vote.
As it is, after her cryptic e-mail, we now need a Haruspex to figure out what’s ahead for us. What’s a “Haruspex?” you ask, dear reader?  Well, in the ancient Roman Religion, it’s “a person trained to practise a form of divination called haruspicy, the inspection of the entrails of sacrificed animals, especially the livers of sacrificed sheep and poultry.”
So, we may as well get some “sheep guts” and start inspecting away!! What were we looking to find out? Well, for one, when the heck we could get this blasted count out of the way, and install a government to deal with the greatest threat we’ve faced in a century. And we’re not even talking about the PNC and Burnham from the 1970s!! Nah…this COVID-19 is even more dangerous than the Influenza epidemic of 1918, which infected half-a-billion persons worldwide (a quarter of the world’s population then) and killed 50 million of them – including 12,000 in then British Guiana.
Now, what did we need to be instructed on if we were to even get that count? This was no secret, since the rejected plan of her CEO, Lowenfield, had enumerated them all in his risible proposal that started the 156-day duration. Very simply, all she had to do was to keep her promise: that she wouldn’t allow a constitutional crisis to explode upon us by ensuring that we had a new Parliament sworn in by April 30!! If that were to be accomplished, she already had a plan at her disposal: the one from PPP commissioner Sase Gunraj, which called for 20 stations, and detailed the number of persons at each station; the number of daily working hours; a starting date for the recount; and, of course, the live streaming of the count from the same feed that would be used by the CariCom validation team.
As it is, we’re left to Haruspice even her one gnomic statement: “not more than ten stations”. She says she’s concerned about the social distancing challenges posed in this age of corona; and, of course, this is her excuse for sending it off to that notorious slacker Moses Nagamootoo.
And what about excluding the riggers within GECOM? Those entrails are beginning to stink!!

…of the criminal conspiracy
Now we know why Granger was bouncing up stages during the campaign, and swaying to the beat of Farmer Nappy. He was preparing for his performance of Shaggy’s “Wasn’t me!” Which he just unloaded onto a stunned nation, including even his most rabid supporters. Says he doesn’t know anything about the hiring of the Sudanese-defending lobbying group in Washington!! And he’s no US citizen.
Well, he better not think he can get away with playing both sides against the middle. He — or whoever hired this firm — is facing some serious jail time wearing those oh-so-cute orange jumpsuits because of statements contained in the filing!! But imagine his chutzpah to blame the media for reporting those statements, which his right-hand man Harmon is on record (still up on the APNU Facebook page!) declaring that “the government needed to be defended”. If Harmon was running a rogue operation out of the MotP, then Granger better start pointing his finger in that direction!!
He should remember what happened to Noriega, one-time US ally!!

…the coalition
Even though the filing of the lobbyist was on behalf of the APNU/AFC government, we haven’t heard a squeak from Nagamootoo or Ramjattan.
Or will they join Granger in squealing, “Wasn’t me!”??