Trafalgar thrills on first night

Guinness ‘Greatest of the Street’ Berbice
Defending Champions Trafalagar displayed their winning intentions at the earliest possible time with a 6 – 2 drubbing of Rose Hall on the opening night of the Guinness Greatest of the Streets Berbice zone on Friday evening at the New Amsterdam Stelling Tarmac.
Olvis Mitchell led the way with a helmet trick, scoring in the 5th, 7th and 19th [GG] minutes with support from Adrian Prince and Odari Miller, who had a goal each. Shaquell Betson accounted for the opposition’s goals with a Guinness goal in the 18th minute.
After that blowout, Lichfield squeezed past Canje 3- 2, but the score line didn’t tell the entire story. Lichfield dominated Canje with a goal each coming from Allan Garnett, Shelton George and Carlos Grant. Canje struck back, but only once, thanks to John West’s 19th minute GG. However, with just a minute left to play, Lichfield easily kept the opposition at bay.
It was a low scoring night after that. Darren Douglas scored the decider for Hopetown, who needled Black Sharks; while Keon Williams played the same role for NA Kings B’s win over Dam Boys. Leonardo Adams was also in the cast for NA Kings A’s similar win over Fast-7.
Outsiders were tipped on the Goalers and won 3 – 0. Derrick Taylor’s 8th minute goal and Delroy Ferdinand’s GG were enough to get them the win.
In the penultimate game of the night, East Bank Gunners got a clear shot at Constab and penetrated twice to win 2- 0. Mark Wronge and Joseph Giddings were responsible for those goals.
Twenties seemed to be in as much form as Top Form as they battled to a nil all stalemate. However, Twenties were on target to win 2- 0 in the penalty shootout.