Digicel Guyana scoops Ookla Speedtest Award for best mobile network

Digicel Guyana has been recognized by Ookla, the global leaders in internet testing and analysis, for offering its customers the “fastest mobile network”, “best mobile coverage”, and “best mobile network”.
This acknowledgment is based on Ookla’s Speedtest testing data for the period July to December 2022, which showcased Digicel’s mobile network achieving impressive upload and download speeds.
Chief Executive Officer of Digicel Guyana, Gregory Dean, has expressed satisfaction with this achievement, emphasizing the company’s commitment to providing customers with the best network experience. Dean has highlighted Digicel’s continuous investments in network infrastructure to ensure the delivery of superior services.

Members of Digicel’s Senior Management team and staff take time out for a photo opportunity with the Ookla Speedtest Awards Digicel recently received

Further, he noted that this recognition from Ookla instills confidence in customers, validating their decision to choose Digicel as their preferred network provider. Dean has credited the tireless efforts and unwavering dedication of Digicel’s exceptional teams throughout the region for this accomplishment.
Moreover, Digicel has introduced FibreX, its cutting-edge fibre optic network, to further revolutionize the connectivity landscape. FibreX provides businesses with ultra-fast and reliable internet connectivity, enabling them to leverage advanced digital technologies and empower their operations.
With its robust infrastructure and high-speed capabilities, FibreX offers businesses the necessary tools to thrive in today’s digital era.
Dean has also reaffirmed Digicel’s promise to customers to offer the best network, with unparalleled coverage across Guyana. He emphasized that fulfilling this commitment drives the company’s daily operations, and Ookla’s recognition of Digicel with the Fastest Mobile Network, Best Mobile Coverage, and Best Mobile Network awards serves as a testament to the collective hard work of all staff members.
It is also a testament to Digicel’s unwavering dedication to enabling its customers to fully embrace and enjoy their digital lives through Digicel’s superfast connectivity, available to everyone everywhere in Guyana.